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You are a spiritual being living a physical experience

Before you begin, open your mind and soul to the possibilities that are out there. Tune in to your own psychic ability to intuitively “know” what is true for you or not (gut check).  If it “resonates” with you and you “feel” or just “know” without a shadow of a doubt, follow your first instinct and simply believe.  Faith is portrayed in so many different ways and we’re told what to believe even when it may be twisted or partial truths. We encourage you to dig deep inside yourself and start walking on your path of discovery as you learn more about what being awakened really means. Not everything out there will resonate with you and that’s ok.  There is a silver thread of truth that connects all truths and beliefs.  And these understandings are taught in so many different ways by so many different people and cultures through thousands of years of human evolution. Remove those labels and simply seek the core messages.   Don’t relate to the generalized or societal labels like “religion”, rituals, ceremonies, customs, etc. and start your own belief system!  You’ll find out that it’s not all that different 🙂

When you realize there’s more to life than what you’ve been taught about organized religion and society, and are a spiritual being simply living out a human existence, you are “awakened”.  And your next step is to start seeking your own truths along this path as so many others have done before you on their journeys to enlightenment.

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Learn about meditation and the different techniques to help along your spiritual path.

Energy Fields

Explore the vast world of energy fields, resonance, vibration and more.

Law of Attraction

Find out more about manifesting and intentional living.

Psychic Abilities

Learn about the different types of psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.

High Vibes

Discover ways to raise your vibrational frequencies.

Energy Healing

Learn how to heal your body, mind and soul through various modalities.

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“Practice seeing possibilities. When you focus on what you already know, you keep creating the same reality.” ― Jeanne McElvaney, Ignite Changes Using Energy