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Because everything is made up of energy, every person, place, and thing vibrates at a different frequency. High vibrational energy is pure universal energy that comes from God that is also called source energy.  This energy is full of high frequency feelings like love, happiness, enthusiasm, peace, ease and flow. Your body resonates at a frequency that is dictated by your beliefs, feelings, perceptions, expectations and all things emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.  This includes your home, the food you eat, what you listen to, who you converse with or sit next to, etc. It can be picked up subconsciously through all your senses and impact your well being simply by being in proximity. If you’re on autopilot just going through your day not paying attention to these vibrations, then you are full of frequencies that are happening around you that may not be for your highest good.  You can absorb other people’s negative (or positive) intentions, illness and low vibrational icky energy. Having high vibes is all about being consciously aware of this, and creating daily habits of thoughts and actions to raise your vibration.  Start tuning in to your intuition, “check in” and take action to improve your body, mind & soul’s frequency!

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In the world of spirituality and all things metaphysical, there are many translations, definitions and explanations for same or similar things. Sometimes it’s difficult to truly articulate the true meanings as we all perceive and translate differently according to our experiences, thus resulting in varying descriptions, names and topics to sift and sort through. Ultimately, our task is to seek our own truth and what resonates with us to discover what we truly believe or don’t align with. And as you spiritually evolve, revisit them and you’ll find that it has changed, just as you also have.  All in all, do your own research and mostly just “Google it” to start seeking more in depth about these topics.

A scale of feelings that help you identify and learn how to shift into a higher vibration feeling and out of the muck. Sometimes it’s easier to move from fear or grief to anger. Still not the best, but it’s higher. From there you can move up again. There are many techniques and meditations to help you raise your vibration (feelings).  – The Law Of Attraction.com

Everything is made of energy, and it’s very easy for that energy to build up and bring you down. You’re likely already clearing your home of physical clutter—so why not tend to its energetic clutter?

Getting in the habit of removing the negative, chaotic energy that surrounds you could make your space feel lighter, brighter, and more creative.  – MBG Mindfulness

Studies show that the best way to have a positive mindset is not to force yourself to think happy, optimistic thoughts all the time.

You should never repress negative thinking, or demand yourself to always think about positive things, like achieving your goals or being happy all day long. Forcing thoughts in such a way is unhealthy and unnatural.

Instead, you should develop what cognitive behavioural therapists call automatic positive thoughts. These are thoughts that arise naturally.

There are ways to create positive thinking automatic, little positive thinking techniques that train you to develop a positive mindset.  – The Daily Meditation

When your energy is high, it moves fast, health just is, and you can manifest things quite quickly.  When your frequency is low it can lead to disease states, negative patterns, and emotional states such as shame, guilt, anger, resentment, and disappointment. There are many actions you can take to detox your energy frequency to help establish and maintain a high frequency state of being.  – The Soul Frequency

There are ways to raise your vibrations and protect your energetic field through the foods that you consume.  The energies around the food we eat might seem like an “out there” concept, but when you tune into your body and mind after a meal, you will find that the resulting energy shift (whether positive or negative) is undeniable.   – The Chalkboard Mag.com

Crystals are great tools for us to use in order to tap into the healing frequencies of mother earth. So why would you want to raise your vibration? Everyone and everything has a vibration, but not everything vibrates at the higher levels.  – Neoma Sanativa Design

When you clean your energy, you automatically raise your internal vibration to a higher level. As these levels rise, you’ll begin to feel lighter, happier, and more at peace. Doing just a few simple things can help keep your vibration levels higher and more positive—and the same applies when you make these changes to the environment around you. A higher vibration exudes happiness and is good for your health and well-being. Cleansing yourself and your environment of negativity and negative energy will help you feel at ease. The higher your vibration, the lower your stress levels, too. – Within Meditation.com

The philosophy of feng shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance with the natural world.

Feng Shui can help raise both your conscious and your chronic or default vibration.  – The Spruce

 As a yogi, your energy comes from daily observances like nurturing your emotional, physical, and spiritual self. This is more than coming to a yoga class a few times a week. The discipline of the practices will pull you in the direction you want to go, but the work begins with you.    – Om Yoga

Sound is one of the most powerful healing modalities in energy medicine; not only does it have the capability to help you reach your core frequency, but it also connects you to your higher energies (and, thus, Source). One of the best things about the many different sound healing methods available is that you don’t need to be a natural musician or have special training — all you need is your voice and a few basics about sound therapy. The key to using sound successfully is finding the particular technique that will help you achieve your healing goals.  – Deborah King.com

As Dr. Joe Dispenza says, our prolonged emotional states become our moods, then our prolonged moods become our temperament and our prolonged temperaments become our personality traits. So how do we shift our states?

Some of the fastest ways to shift these states is through changing your energy. Here are 10 ways to shift energy and raise vibration.  – SF yoga Mag.com

Search on YouTube for “Guided Meditation to ____ (raise energy, increase happiness, let go of stress, etc. etc.).  These can be very helpful to walk you through a meditation experience and help you process issues, or focus intently on happy thoughts.  Our favorite Channel:  Live The Life You Love.

Affirmations are mantras that you repeat to overcome self-sabotaging or limiting thoughts. Positive affirmations are phrases that are repeated not just to feel good and raise your vibe but the repetition of them will help you to create new thought beliefs. – Taylorstracks.com

Practicing self-love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we face serious challenges.  It’s about getting in touch with ourselves, our well-being and our happiness. We practice self-love so we can push through our limiting beliefs and live a life that truly shines.  – Lifehack.org

Here’s a great counselor that offers online help for self guided healing and spiritual evolution:  https://christina-lopes.com/

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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla