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Welcome to our directory of resources for those who want to discover more about themselves and how they fit into the universe in all things spiritual.  We have put together information from a variety of sources about many different spiritual topics. Discover your own truth and find what resonates with you. Not all topics will, but we encourage you to keep seeking and growing as you journey on your path of awakening!

Everyone’s journey is unique! Learn, grow and share with us! We encourage you to start seeking your truth today!  Where we go one, we go all.  Namaste 😉

Knowledge Base

Find information on a variety of topics to help you along your journey.

Spiritual Services

Find businesses that offer life and spiritual based services.

Service To Others

Find ways to share the love and pass on the good vibrations to the world around you!

Here’s our Most Favorite Categories to get you started!


Learn about meditation and the different techniques to help along your spiritual path.

Energy Fields

Explore the vast world of energy fields, resonance, vibration and more.

Law of Attraction

Find out more about manifesting and intentional living.

Psychic Abilities

Learn about the different types of psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.

High Vibes

Discover ways to raise your vibrational frequencies.

Energy Healing

Learn how to heal your body, mind and soul through various modalities.

Spiritual Services

Connecting with people across the planet who we refer to as guides, mentors, instructors, zen masters, intuitives, healers, gurus and service providers of the like.  It doesn’t matter where you are, most services can be done remotely to help you on your spiritual evolution! Here’s our favorite categories.

reiki massage

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a form of energy work that is hands off healing and therapy for the body, mind and soul that can be done remotely or in person, or to yourself.

tarot cards in hand

Tarot Readings

Tarot card readings are used for gaining deeper personal & spiritual insight from higher intellect.

yoga master

Yoga Masters

Yoga, Qi Gong and other meditative movement modalities help to flow energy for internal healing, pain management and exercise.

astrology birth chart


Astrology & Numerology are ancient methodologies still used today for gaining a deeper understanding of life, love and the universe.

Service To Others

We encourage you to share the love and help raise the vibration of the planet from a genuine heart space by giving to others in a variety of ways.  Here you will find some of our favorite ways to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world!

Welcome to online learning center

As we spiritually awaken and start walking or path towards enlightenment, our higher selves are drawn to find more ways to give and offer help to others from our heart center. The Law of One calls this Service to Others. And we have heard this before in different ways, “Pay it Forward” or “Giving Back”, but it can also include volunteering and praying or holding space for others that need help, love, encouragement and support.  

Here are some ideas for you to connect into the flow of loving energy, living out loud a giving heart that ultimately helps us to also receive.

Daughter Mom gives flowers